How much can you change in 5 days….

… if you set your mind to it?
5 days can change everything, let’s find out how …
Think back for a minute: have you ever made huge progress in only 5 days? Suddenly, you became very clear, everything clicked for you and you were somewhere totally different than before you started?
For me, this happened back in 2012 when I climbed the largest granite monolith on the planet: El Capitan in Yosemite. After a year of tedious preparation, training, and organizing I spent 5 days climbing, eating, drinking, and sleeping on this overhanging 700m wall.
During the climb, we needed to push out of our comfort zone. Hanging on tiny metal hooks off the cliff or sleeping on a portaledge (a hanging tent-like platform) on the wall. Every time you accidentally dropped something, you could see it fall for a minute before it hit the ground. 
The feeling when my partner Bob and I finally reached the summit was incredible: taking the harness off that had been strangling our hips, being able to walk. Being able to set stuff on the ground. The simple things all of a sudden became great.
Many people came up to us and asked: WHY did you do that? It is a very personal question to answer. For me, extending my limits and creating peak experiences in my life that I will look back on proudly and with keen memories is a very strong WHY.
I believe we all should create meaningful peak experiences to look back to in our careers, relationships, and hobbies. 5 days can last a lifetime.
Do you want to find your WHY and make your 2022 awesome? I have created a free 5-day email course to do exactly that. It’s only 5 days but as you have seen, 5 days can change everything.
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