The Most Critical Career Decision Is Not What You Do But Who You Are

It’s a hot summer day in June 2020. I am sitting in my apartment at my working desk, sweating not because of the heat but because of what has just happened.  The Pandemic had not only grounded 95% of all aircraft worldwide but also all business at the largest European Airline Group had come to a screeching halt.  Managing the crisis, parking aircraft, cash management,…

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Afraid of Leaving Corporate? How To Commit to Launching Your Business In Spite of These 5 Fears 

This article is about fears but also commitment. Commitment to a larger life in which you build the business that you want that gives you the financial and personal liberty that you want. Commitment despite fear. Commitment to do something great and never look back in regrets. It’s also the commitment to taking the risks and simply trying out. This commitment despite fear is called courage. Let’s…

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Set clear goals

In the last four posts we have focused very much on mindset. Let’s switch now to something more operational so that you can achieve the outcome you want: setting clear targets for your 3 peaks. In today’s article, we will focus on two things: Look back on your progress over the last posts (read those first, or skip this part) Breaking down your target on how…

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