For many years, I have pushed beyond my personal limits in rock climbing and scaled some of the world’s most audacious peaks, including “The Nose” on El Capitan in Yosemite. Throughout the last years, I have started to explore the Alps, the Himalayas, and the Pyrenees by air on multi-day flying expeditions with good friends and my paraglider.

Now, I have decided to follow my passion and founded the Alpine Institute to help entrepreneurs, executives, and business owners raise the bar of success in their business by drawing from the methods of successful athletes and alpinists. On the business side, I can regularly draw on my 10+ years of experience as a group leader, strategist, change driver, and my Ph.D. in Strategic Management and Business Model Innovation in the airline industry. Currently, I am employed as Director of Strategy & Business Development in Europe’s leading airline group.

Strategies must matter to people, also in business
Difficult transformations in companies often start as cost-cutting initiatives that lack a clear WHY: a positive target picture that goes well beyond just cutting costs (the WHAT). The result? Endless discussions, politics, delay of implementation (if at all), and the need for “change” workshops. My approach is to start earlier than that. As a strategy guide, I help leadership teams to unearth their vision, their targets, and what is holding them back. With my certified transformative coaching approach, I help to create powerful change that starts and ends with people and creates a strong joint WHY along with trust and alignment within the leadership team.
My approach
I have created a unique approach that is based on ICF-certified transformative coaching methods, business strategy, and outdoor coaching in the alpine environment. While I offer zoom and in-person sessions, my favorite is hike & coach in which we will get our legs and minds moving outdoors. I coach in German and English.

Dr. Oliver Wirths

I believe that strategies must matter. To people and businesses.

What does that mean? Let me explain. 

Are you a leader in a company? Most likely you know where you want to lead your team, business area, or even the entire enterprise. You have thought about where to go, why to go there and how to do it. But what about your personal life? Paradoxically, becoming a more senior leader at work, lets us become less of a leader in our private lives. One reason is that with more responsibilities, we often have less time, capacity, and energy left to lead our own lives how we really want to lead them. Or, we start our careers with a plan and achieve the things we initially set out to do. Then, it’s time to re-adjust.
Your life strategy
I believe that every one of us can be a better leader in our own lives. I can help you to create a life strategy that matters for extraordinary quality of life, happiness, success, and balance. I call this your personal ASCENT. Just as Alpinists set and pursue higher and keener peaks for themselves, so can you.

About Oliver

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My Partners

Lukas Züllig

Lukas Züllig

Business Strategy Coach

Lukas Züllig

Business Strategy Coach

As a Certified Business and Leadership Coach, it is my passion to support and inspire you to put your focus on the best version of your life. My absolute belief, that in all our minds is much more what we can achieve, is my daily boost to get out of bed in the morning. Inspired through running long distances, I know, that there is hardly anything you can’t reach. Being out in nature together with my clients confirms, that outdoors is the perfect place to see things from a different perspective and to find new goals combined with strategies how to reach those.

Daily confidence, optimism, vitality, and the desire to make your life better is my energy to work together with you.

Deniz Kayadelen

Professional Certified Coach, Inspirational Speaker

Unlocking your potential and realizing your dreams by following your real passion. How does it sounds for you?

I am Deniz Kayadelen, Professional Certified Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Founder and bestselling author of “Out of Comfort Zone” and Senior Manager at EY.

As an extreme swimmer, I know how hard it is to stepping out of your comfort zone and fulfill yourself to the fullest. Our fears, inner – and external voices, our past experiences are blocking us most of the time. I can guarantee you that you are much more than you ever think!

It’s time for transform yourself and upgrade yourself!

I proved that to myself, sharing my true stories in my blog and book  and following the purpose to create an inspirational community, stepping out of comfort zone together and support you in your own unique journey.

Looking forward to hear from you and collaborate in that space where magic happens. 


Deniz Kayadelen​

Professional Certified Coach, Inspirational Speaker​
business coach

Oliver Rességuier

Systemic Coach for Team- and Organisational Development

Oliver Rességuier

Systemic Coach for Team- and Organisational Development

As Systemic Coach I support teams, leaders and organisations in their development. My focus is to help clearing the road from obstacles, resolving conflicts and supporting the silent ones to raise their voice and the loud ones to listen. I focus on emotions that often come along with change and transformation (regardless if it’s an individual or business related one). I strongly believe that if we do not take time to adress these emotions, we will stumble upon them very soon, which will prevent us from moving further in any change. My strength is to provide powerful workshops, seminars and coachings to my customers that go straight to the core of the topic. I do that in a light and empathetic way, making sure that each one regardless to their hierarchical position feels valued and connected. With 12+ years of experience in facilitation and my industrial background in various (senior) management roles, I am eager to help you, your team and your organisation to evolve. Looking forward to get in touch!

Let's push some boundaries together!


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