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I believe that every one of us can become a better leader of our lives. My proprietary ASCENT program helps you to create your personal strategy for an extraordinary quality of life, happiness, and success. The ASCENT program blends certified transformative coaching, business strategy, and over a decade of experience in alpinism and will create immediate and lasting impact within 3 months.

I can help you with

I offer four types of services to help you create powerful strategies for your personal life and business. The personal ASCENT program and Strategy Coaching for businesses and teams are catered to your individual needs. Please schedule a free strategy call with me.


Embrace your leadership role with greater confidence, empathy and self awareness.


Create powerful change within your organization based on trust and commitment of your leadership team.


Achieve ambitious career and life goals in good style & balance. ASCENT my proven program to upgrade your life in 3 months.


Discover why you should  & how you can leave your comfort zone and how to deal with out-of-comfort-zone experiences.

Results I've Helped Create

"Oliver possesses an amazing combination of peacefulness and sharp wit. During our first session Oliver didn’t just put me at ease immediately but also could sharply pinpoint my next career steps by asking thought-provoking questions. Through our coaching journey I felt more confident to execute some career steps that I was reluctant to take before. Oliver brought positivity and clarity to the whole process in the most fun and kind way possible."
Victoria Onken
"Thanks to Oliver's professionally guided strategy sessions, I can build a roadmap that will help me get to the summit of my field and help my clients in a better way.  By asking the right questions and leading me out of my comfort zone, I was able to clarify my direction, which in the end, brought me clarity, lowered my tension, and increased my focus. I thank Oliver for his strategic approach, and I'm ready to take off."
Roberto Inderbitzin
Founder & CEO Reframe Design Studio, Zurich
business coach service
"It's just so intuitive! I was able to apply it directly. Oliver has helped me on my way forward so much on the mental side of business — no one ever teaches you that!! You don't learn that in any business school. Not only is Oliver a great coach with whom I could refine the "why" for my business and my customers. He also has profound business knowledge and was able to challenge me on business plan. With the changes we made, my business is more resilient and profitable than before."
Li Richter
Founder & CEO Feel Fashion - Essentials for Mothers


business coaching services

I believe in the power of the individual to grow beyond their current limitations and comfort zone. Our work is all about you, the coachee, not about me. Making you and your team successful is the prime objective of our sessions. If you excel, I smile from the sideline. Trust, reliability, and authenticity create valuable relationships that last a lifetime. Creating these enduring relationships with you is my honor and pleasure.

I always create a unique approach and go the extra mile, so that you get the results you need.

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What’s included?

  1. Your future self and why you should define it today
  2. What makes difficult decisions difficult and how to take them
  3. How to identify and overcome hidden barriers
  4. How to become the author of your life instead of being steered by others
  5. How to set more powerful personal goals

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